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February 09, 2018 3 min read

Most people think of sex toys as something that you keep at home, possibly in the bedroom nightstand. But did you know that you can take sex toys with you? Anywhere! Classrooms, offices, supermarkets, cinemas, shopping malls, restaurants, anywhere you go!

Here are 5 discreet options to choose from! It's so discreet, that no other soul will ever realize that you are actually wearing them. It's a secret, between you and yourself. Never thought pleasure could stretch this far, beyond the bedroom doors and into the public. 

Panty Vibrator


A panty vibrator slips inside your panties. Depending upon the model, it may work with any pair or come with its own special pair.

There are two basics styles: remote-controlled vibrators and those with buttons on the device itself. The latter requires you to turn on the toy before you place it in your underwear or press a button through them.

The former has the added benefit of partner play. If you hand the remote to your partner, he or she can use it just about anywhere. This makes dinner at restaurants, birthday parties and even grocery shopping more interesting.

Anal Plug


If you like anal play, you might try wearing an anal plug around the house or even when you run errands. You definitely want to pick a plug with a wide enough base to prevent it from slipping inside. The shape and size of the base is also important when it comes to comfort if you plan to sit down with a plug inserted or wear it for a prolonged period. Experiment to decide if you like softer or harder materials and plugs with round or flatter bases.

Nipple Clamps


You can wear nipple clamps underneath most loose tops, and some smaller designs might even fit into the cups of your bra. No one will know if you're wearing them at an important work meeting. Just make sure that you get a pair that will stay in place!

Wearing nipples clamps is less about pleasure and more about the reminder of control as the metal hangs heavily from your nipples and sits coldly against your skin.

Kegel Balls


Vaginal exercisers make the perfect toy to wear in public. You can slip them in before running to the bank and do a few squeezes to help strengthen muscles when you're waiting in line. Newer vibrator models can also feel good as you sit in class and take notes or even when you're doing yoga.

With any vibrating sex toy, you want to ensure they're not loud enough for the person next to you to hear them. Have a good friend or partner help you test out the noise output, unless you want to get caught, of course!

You can always get creative with cuffs and collars or necklaces that actually convert to BDSM implements, too! There are plenty of options for sex toys you can use in public.

Necklace Vibrator


Necklace vibrator designed so stylishly and elegantly, with simple details, can be worn as an accessory with any out fit. With its various mode and settings hidden in the classic piece, it can pleasure you anytime, whenever you feel like it. With the piece being waterproof, you can even use it in public places like a swimming pool!

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