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July 16, 2018 2 min read

There are all sorts of techniques and gizmos out there that promise men the greatest, most explosive orgasms ever. The options can be, frankly, overwhelming. Sadly, we're many years away from the sci-fi dream of having a personal android sex-bot that knows just how to please. Still, todays enticing toys can really get the job done, so long as you're willing to get adventurous!

1. Prostate Massagers

Starting right off with the toy a lot of guys feel apprehensive about, these amazing little plugs come in all shapes and sizes. Each one is expertly made to anally stimulate the prostate, also known as the Male G-Spot. Professional sex experts say prostate play can give men stronger, longer orgasms more than anything else. If you're a bit wary of jumping right into anal experimentation, there are plenty of other options to try!

2. Cock Rings

A simple but effective way to go longer and experience a stronger orgasm whether alone or with a partner. A basic cock ring goes around the base of a man's shaft, providing gentle constriction that helps hold off orgasm for as long as you can stand it.

The delay of orgasm makes a man super-sensitive, which leads to a stronger, more pleasurable orgasm once the ring is removed. Some rings vibrate to add even more stimulation. Others are made to go under the balls as well, helping stave off orgasm until you're good and ready!

3. Ball Stretchers

Speaking of "playing ball", if you're the type of guy that loves when a partner cups, squeezes, or tugs on your sack during foreplay then a ball stretcher toy might be your perfect fit. Simply put, this type of toy has weight that squeezes and stretches the balls to provide stronger stimulation. Many models have adjustable weights so you can find your perfect number.

4. Masturbators

These delightful playthings have come a long way from blow-up dolls and floppy skin-colored sleeves. Any shape and texture you desire can be found, from the classic "Fleshlight" to the out of this world selection of "onaholes" from Japan. You can find a masturbator to suit almost any fetish. Even some of the world's hottest adult film stars have had their luscious love-parts modeled to perfection for masturbator toys. Pair one with an exciting new lubricant and indulge yourself solo or with the help of a partner.

5. Keep Trying New Things!

The best way to achieve a truly world-shaking orgasm is to keep things exciting in the bedroom. Nobody likes to go through the same boring routines. Sometimes changing things up, by adding a new toy or even trying a new position, can be enough to really let the "fireworks" fly.

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