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January 15, 2018 2 min read

Sexual relations is a healthy expression of physical attraction and should not be ignored or overlooked. When two people enjoy being in each others’ presence, sexual tendencies are sure to arise. What most people have a problem with, in the bedroom is self-confidence. Not being sure about how their bodies look, or if they are sexually attractive, without any clothes. It is not easy sharing intimate moments with someone you have not known for a long time. Sometimes married couples face the same uncertainty.

Nevertheless, if you want to make the most of your time with your mate, you have to gain or regain your confidence in the bedroom. Below are six things you can do to overcome your fears and gain confidence when it comes to having sex.

Forget the Self Image Guilt Trip

Over time, your body is sure to change. This happens to the best of us. Although your body is a part of you, it should not hold you back from enjoying your time in the bedroom. The right mate will not be into what your body looks like if he or she is truly into you.

Put Your Mood On Hold

Hormonal changes happen to women more so than men. When your emotions get out of control, you may experience erratic mood changes. Do not let your hormones prevent you from reaching your sexual goals. Consult a sex therapist or talk to your doctor about a hormonal treatment session. It might be the answer to your prayers.

Get Over Being Tired

Not tonight dear, I have a headache. That excuse is overused and should be eliminated forever. If tiredness is a problem, talk to your doctor. If nighttime brings about your tiredness, try sex early in the morning or make it a lunchtime event. There is no wrong time of the day for sex.

Dismiss Any Feelings of Anxiety

Not being able to reach a climax or have an orgasm has prevented many women from performing at their highest level. If you are worried about being compared to former lovers by your mate, dismiss that thought. As long as your perform within your expectations, you will do just fine. We are all anxious about sex when it comes to new relationships and sometimes is present relationships make us think twice. Nevertheless, be optimistic in your abilities.

Leave Arguments and Other Negative Feelings Outside the Bedroom

Taking an argument to bed is never a good idea. Learn to resolve any issues before being intimidated. Makeup sex is the best sex ever. Negative emotions have no place in lovemaking.

Wear Something Sexy

Try wearing on a nightie, a teddy or some sexy, revealing lingerie. If you feel good about yourself, your partner will thrive off of that confidence. You can set the mood if you focus on the present.


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