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June 25, 2018 2 min read

It's a myth, a legend, a mystery. While multiple orgasms are well-documented (and enthusiastically enjoyed) by their female counterparts, men have been scrounging for years to achieve the same heights of voluminous climax. Searching online, one can find page after page touting tips and tricks, with those men claiming to achieve multiple orgasms touting it over those who have not. Is this a real thing? And if so, how can you achieve it yourself?

Yes, men can have multiple orgasms.

Well-documented scientific research has proven that men do indeed have multiple orgasms. One study conducted in 1998 documented a man that could ejaculate up to six times in one session without going limp once! Another study focused on the subject of "edging", which is bringing yourself to feel climatic euphoria multiple times without ejaculating over an extended period of time. That research found that men could train themselves to "hold back" release while still feeling an orgasm by manipulating their pelvic floor muscles. However, tricks that might work for one man might fail for another.

So, what are the most effective methods to achieve multiple male orgasms?

There are three scientifically-validated methods.

1. Muscle Control - For those looking to take up "edging", the key is having extraordinary control of the pubococcygeus. Also known as the PC muscle or pelvic floor muscle, masters of the edging technique flex this part of the body just at the point they feel they're about to ejaculate. (Much in the same way one would try to hold back urination with a full bladder.) Pulling extremely tight pressure on the PC muscle can effectively cut off ejaculation while still giving an orgasmic-like high.

2. Toys - Just as some women can achieve multiple orgasms by stimulating different parts of their body, men can also climax repeatedly by being a little more adventurous with their bodies. The male sex toy industry is booming with scintillating new gadgets to help men achieve fuller, more pleasurable orgasms in ever-greater amounts. There are even toys designed to be used with a partner (of any gender)!

Leading sex science researchers recommend men stimulate a combination of erogenous regions (such as the perineum, anus, and prostate). Activating these sensitive areas all at once can trigger more intense orgasms and keep a man ready to go even after ejaculation.

3. New Experiences - For some men, just trying something new can be enough to trigger multiple orgasms. A new partner can be deeply stimulating, but so can exploring a new bedroom activity with an established partner. In this case, sex experts ( call them "sexperts") recommend exploring erotic toys and games together to achieve bliss over and over again.

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