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April 19, 2018 2 min read

Apart from preventing pregnancies, condoms also protects you against Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

Using condoms is easy, right? Peel and roll. That might not be the case when you consider that the typical failure rates of condoms is about 12% but that condoms are over 98% effective when used perfectly. So follow our tips to put on a condom the right way and protect yourself and your partner.

Before you put on a condom, take a look. The package should be unpierced, and it should not be expired. Yes, condoms expire! If you've checked this, you can tear open the package. Never use teeth or anything sharp, which could damage the condom inside.

Right Side Out

Most condoms come rolled up. Condoms have an inside and an outside, and it's fairly easy to tell how. A condom easily unrolls in one direction, not so much in the other. You can press your finger lightly into the tip of the condom to see if it will unroll.

If you feel resistance when trying to put on the condom, you're probably unrolling it in the wrong direction. Flip it over and try again or, to be safe, grab a new condom if this one may have come into contact with any bodily fluids!

Use Lube

While some condoms are lubricated, many aren't. Lube is a great addition to condoms for several reasons:

  • It reduces friction, which decreases the likelihood of a condom tearing and makes sex more comfortable

  • It makes sex with a condom feel less "plasticky"

So dab a bit of lube on the inside and the outside of your condom (you can first apply lube inside the condom or on the shaft; once the condom is on, you can apply lube to the outside). Just make sure not to use an oil-based lube because it degrades condoms!

Grip the Tip

Most condoms have a reservoir tip for collecting semen. When you put on a condom, you want to pinch the tip to remove any air. With your other hand, you can smooth the condom down the shaft. Use your hand to smooth out any air bubbles, which can lead to your condom breaking.

Condom Removal

Although it's important to put on a condom the right way, removal is just as important. You need to remove a condom before the penis becomes soft. The penis should remain pointed toward the floor, and you must hold the condom at the base by the ring to prevent any semen from coming out. Push the condom down the shaft to remove it.

Tie the end of the condom to hold any semen in and dispose of in the trash. Do not flush condoms!

Do not re-use the condom or use two condoms at the same time, as it might result in tearing.

Protect yourself. Enjoy safe sex!

Now you know how to safely use condoms each and every time.

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