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March 28, 2018 2 min read

Everyone remembers the beginning when sex was hot, sticky and on-demand. Sadly, over time the initial steam starts to sputter and what used to be toe-curling good is now finished with a yawn. Return to the days of orgasms by spicing up your bedroom play with some sexy suggestions.

Cosplay: While dressing up as barnyard animals might not be sexy, slipping on a sultry warrior outfit or anime character costume can help stir fantasy urges, especially when one plays the captor and the other the 'helpless' victim.

Porn Movies: Porn has come a long way since the cheesy soundtracks and overly grunting dialogues. Choose something you've always fantasized about and vice versa, who knows, maybe your inhibitions will slide away along with your clothing.

Seven Random Sex Days: Grab a hat and on 10-15 pieces of paper, write a different position. Each evening choose a random piece and go to town.

Try Tantra: Tantric Sex is more than orgasms. Reconnect on a deeper level with your partner by experimenting with Tantra. Not only is it relaxing on a soulful level, it can extend sexual play for hours!

Teasing Texts: Surprise your partner throughout the day with some sultry (or sleazy) sexting.

Bondage: Being bound may not be everyone's forte, but there's something electrifying about having your wrists and feet restrained while wearing a blindfold. Even paddling your partner's ass brings on a feeling of sexual satisfaction. Add some silk ties and a Cat O' Nines and you'll be wearing your own Shade of Grey.

Public Play: Slide on your sexiest outfit over a pair of vibrating panties and enjoy a riveting night out! Give your partner the remote control and play a very private game in a very public setting.

Threesome Anyone?: For the more adventurous, adding a third party can be the wild card that was missing. Fulfill a fantasy or just watch (be watched).

Toy Store: Take a trip to the sex shop together and pick out one new toy you've never tried before. Be adventurous. If you need some guidance, grab a Sex Board Game and just play along. Many times the games include the items needed while encouraging you to explore. Playing together helps to bond as you learn together.

Finally, spend an evening together, intercourse free. Talk to each other, gaze into each other's eyes and kiss like it's the first time. Pet with your clothes on and go to bed holding each other. In the morning, wake your partner with a warm, wet mouth around their privates and start the day with a bang!

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