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June 14, 2018 2 min read

If you're looking for something new to try in the bedroom, you might enjoy temperature play. It can cool you off on a hot summer's night, make you tingle, or even send a shocking jolt down your spine. Check out four ways you can add temperature play to bedroom activities.

Ice Cubes

Perhaps the most common method of temperature play is to use ice cubes. You can certainly drag a block of cold ice down a lover's hot skin and follow it up with cool breath (purse your lips) or hot (blow with your lips set wider). You can also pop a bit of ice in your mouth right before you perform oral sex on your partner, and if that's too cold, a cool drink of water will leave your mouth cool but not freezing. You can do something similar with hot coffee or tea.

Sex Toys

Toys work well for temperate play as well. Glass and metal carry heat and cold well. You might have noticed this when a toy kept in a drawer felt cold to the touch when you first made contact with your body or as a toy warmed to your body temperature after use.

To avoid hot or cold burns, don't put your toy directly in the freezer or microwave. Instead, you can place it in warm or cool water or wrap it in a washcloth that's been dipped in warm or cool water. And while the shock of the temperature difference is part of the game, you might want to test your toy in a more inconspicuous area just in case.


Another way to experiment with temperature play is with warming lubes and lotions. You can purchase both warming and cooling lube as well as pairs that combine them both! Make sure to test them on your thigh or arm before use. Remember that these sensations can increase over time and with friction. The initial sensation may not blow your mind, but wait a few minutes before applying more lube to avoid an unpleasant sensation that has you rushing to the bathroom to wash off your genitals!

Massage Glide

Warming and cooling massage products are also available, and any silicone lube can usually double as a massage glide. These products may intensify if you lick or blow on your partner's skin, adding another element to your intimate play.

Don't forget about nipples, too, which are a sensitive place that you might apply these products, especially those that are flavored or that become more intense with breath or saliva!

Now that you've got some ideas to heat things up -- or cool them down -- in the bedroom, what are you waiting for?

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