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Doxy is an industry leader in the production of wand massagers. An extraordinary amount of research and technological development has gone into the creation of a line of powerful massagers. These products are both incredibly well made as well as being versatile.Doxy's wand massagers offer a number of relaxation benefits when used as a general body massage device. When used for intimate pleasure, these massagers are designed to deliver a range of sensations that will push users over the edge. While the massagers are effective and enjoyable at the lower settings, they have the ability to ramp up the action to nearly 9,000 RPM. It is also notable that the head of the massager is designed to provide a rolling and rumbling sensation, rather than the traditional buzzing vibration that most similar products have to offer. As a United Kingdom company,Doxy wand massagers are designed, manufactured and distributed from a factory located in Cornwall, which allowsDoxy to control the quality of their offerings.