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Rends describes a line of sex toys that brings a whole new advance to the technology of self-pleasuring. When a man is alone and needs release, he often has to resort to his hand and perhaps a little dab of lubricant to ease things along. But the Rends device brings the act of self-love into the modern age with a variety of circular and up and down actions guaranteed to bring any man to the great eruption of pleasure in no time at all. The beauty of the device is that you don’t have to use your hand. Just put the thing on and leave your hands for other things. The device is soft, comfortable, and easy to clean after you’re done. Do you want to find a high quality sex toy that is going to come from a great company? If you are then you need to check out our selection of the Rends gear that we have. This gear is going to last you for a long period of time, but it also has everything that you will need to have for the enjoyment you want to have in the bedroom each night of the week.