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Dona - Flirty Blushing Berry Pheromone Infused Shave Gel 250 ml


You like to feel naughty during bath time. The Dona - Pheromone Infused Shave Gel 250 ml (Blushing Berry) will not only rid your nether lips of pesky hairs but also contains pheromones that will drive your partner wild. The berry taste also keeps the sweet waft of want at their noses while you show off the smooth feel that they shave gel left in its wake.

- Aphrodisiac & pheromone infused
- Gentle enough for intimate areas
- Moisturizes for soft, supple skin
- Protects against bumps, razor burn and other irritation
- 3 fragrances: Flirty (Blushing Berry), Sassy (Tropical Tease) & Naughty (Sinful Spring)

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