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ElectraStim - ElectraPads Long (4 Pads)

Stimulation at its finest. These self-adhesive pads have small surface areas that make reaching responsive areas easier. Share every moment with your partner as they too can wear a pad and experience contractions. Arousal is great when alone but even better when you have your lover nearby. Connect on an entirely different level with these pads.

Because the surface area is smaller, you experience more intense stimulation that's better targeted to your most responsive areas. Connect 2 pads to a single channel on your stimulator, remove the plastic backing and press them against the desired area. You can even share sensations with your lover when you each wear a pad connected to the same channel. Not only will you feel tingles and contractions where the pad touches your body, you'll also feel them everywhere you touch one another.

Each pad measures 1.5 cm wide x 7.6 cm long.