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ElectraStim - Lula Silicone Noir Electro Kegel Balls

Kill two birds with one stone using this powerful addition to the ElectraStim lineup. This is a G-spot stimulator that also functions as a Kegel excersisor, getting you off while you get a tighter and more toned pelvic floor. A free-roaming Weight in the upper ball and bi-polar contacts in the lower ball work together to take the feel of Ben Wa balls to an even more intense level. Use for a rhythmic G-spot massage or contract around the stimulation pattern for a wet workout.

Connect Lula to your ElectraStim stimulator and enjoy a hands-free massage that lavishes your G-spot with a rhythmic massage that flows in time with stimulation and your bodily contractions. You can even use Lula to perfect your pelvic floor workout, consciously clenching and relaxing in time with the stimulation beat.