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Fun Factory

Fun Factory - B Balls Butt Plug (Raspberry/Black)

There's no sensation that can quite compare to the responsive, weighted ecstasy of the B Balls. Carefully insert the smooth, rotating balls in your rectum - and then the fun really starts! The balls are weighted to move inside of you in response to your body's movement. You can determine the intensity of your experience, from gently stimulating to absolutely mind blowing. Enjoy the exquisite feeling of being filled" with B Balls."

- For lovers of extra anal stimulation
- Rotating inner balls follow the motions of the user
- Can be discreetly and invisibly worn
- Endow HER and HIM with a óìfilledó? feeling
- Sensational extra kick during sex
Ideal for pairs
- Narrow base is
100% safe and secure; doesn't hinder access to any erogenous zones

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