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Half Beautiful Girl

Half Beautiful Girl - Karen Version 2 Doll (Beige)

[Half Bishoujo Karen] This beautiful brunette has big blue eyes, how luring, and how seductive. Experiment with your favorite positions, with your very own Karen with moveable joints. Karen has a pair of luscious breasts, tight ass, and a perfect slender body that provides you with the very experience you have been thirsty for all night long. Live your fantasies, let it come true with Karen, today. 

■ Real joint doll with movable joints
■ The head is a screw-in type so you do not have to worry about accidental drops.
■ Hole & Anal & Mouse is integrated with the body.
■ Realistic nails.

※ Wipe a soft cloth with water and wipe gently. Rubbing or pulling strongly may cause damage.
* The costume in the image is for shooting. Costumes, underwear, and props are not included.
* Commercial clothes and wigs can be worn, but the color may be transferred depending on the material. be careful.
* It may cause damage at high temperatures.
* The skeleton is built inside the body. Please handle with care.
* Nail and eyelashes will be damaged if handled roughly.
* Detailed specifications are subject to change without notice. please note that.
* Please check the basic specifications of the product before purchasing.

Exterior size: 440 x 1550 x 360 mm
Accessories: Wig, gloves, onaho warmer, simple bidet, storage sofa with luxurious key


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