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LELO - Luna Beads Mini Kegel Balls

LUNA Beads are the bestselling Kegel weights system in the world.The 2 sizes that are available is Classic and Mini, this ensures that every woman finds her perfect fit for the most effective pelvic floor workout.
LELO's sweet update on its Ben Wa balls offers its users longer, stronger, and more attainable orgasms. It also helps to reduce risk of incontinence and other pelvic disorders. The set of balls is also used to return the tone and tightness after childbirth.
LELO Beads are also the only Kegel exercise systems to allow mixing and matching weights, each sets includes 2 x 28g and 2 x 37g beads which can be combined in the silicon harness for a more tailored routine.
?ì 29 mm
Materials: ABS / body safe silicone
Finish: Glossy
Girdle size: Classic 89x35x16mm / Mini 75x30x10mm
Bead size: Classic - 36 mm / Mini - 29mm
Weight: 2 x 28 grams (petal pink) / 2 x 37 grams (powder blue)