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Mystim - His Ringness the Duke Stainless Steel Cock Ring 55mm (Polished)

If you are traveling or looking for a non conspicuous cock ring, the Mystim - His Ringness the Duke Stainless Steel Cock Ring 55mm (Polished) is perfect. This cock ring looks just like a regular stainless steel ring. However, when placed on your hard, erect cock, it still restricts blood flow, intensifying every stroke while you are making love to your partner.

Mystim cock rings made of 100% surgical stainless steel are not just erotic pieces of jewellery. They can also help you have longer and more intense sex.

Never put on the cock ring on an erect penis. Start by carefully tucking in one testicle at a time and then insert the penis into the ring. Never wear the cock ring for more than 30 to 35 minutes and always remove the ring gently if needed using a lubricant.

Finding the right size is crucial in order to guarantee the best results of your cock ring: If the ring is too big, it doesn't do the trick, or might even fall off. On the other hand's side if you chose a ring which is too small, it might lead to medical problems. Therefore please always insure that your cockring fits tightly, but is neither unpleasant nor painful at any time.

You can measure the right size by wrapping a piece of non-elastic band around your testicles and penis, so that the ends of the band meet on top of your penis, close to your body. Pull the band tight, so that it feels still comfortable. Mark the band on both sides, where the ends meet and measure the length in mm. Now divide this length by pi (3.14) in order to find out your diameter. We recommend repeating this measurement on some days and various day times because there might occur natural fluctuations. Please - especially if you are new to cock rings - always chose the bigger diameter in case of doubt.

Width: 1.5 cm