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Nomi Tang

Nomi Tang - IntiMate Kegel Balls Set (Red Violet)

Feel as if you could be a bit tighter for your partner's pleasure or stronger to keep urgency to pee at bay? Nomi Tang - IntiMate Kegel Balls Set (Red Violet) is your answer to kegel muscle exercises with something that will give and take with you. The kit comes with two sized exercisers that are both silicone soft and discreet. The waterproof design even gives you the freedom to practice your pelvic floor muscles and garner a little morning-shower pleasure simultaneously.

Product type: pelvic floor trainer set/kegel exerciser set
Material: food grade silicone, TPE and PC
Waterproof: up to one meter
Packaging: sensual gift box
Size (mm): single 40 x 34 x 34 mm, double 71 x 27 x 27 mm
Weight: single 40g, double 70g
Features: set of two exercisers, easy to insert, anatomically shaped, ultra quiet during use