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Tenga - Air-Tech Twist Reusable Vacuum Cup (Ripple)

Do you like the feeling of stimulation on your mini-me? Of course you do! Now you do not even have to have a partner to get the pleasure you have been wishing for. With the Air-Tech Twist Reusable Vacuum Cup, you can customize your stimulation so you get the exact tightness you prefer. You create your own experience by making it as loose or tight, or anywhere in between, by using the dial at the top. There are five different stages to choose from and this toy goes one step further. There is a ripple effect that causes gentle waves that will further enhance your pleasure. Now you can have it whenever you want it and however you want it. 

The Air-Tech Twist lets you tailor the tightness to your preference! Adjust the stimulation from tight to loose with a unique compression system, to create your own Air-Tech experience.

Twist the dial at the top to adjust the tightness. There are 5 stages!

- Tickle: Rugged nubs for intense stimulation.
- Ripple: Gentle waves for enhanced pleasure.

All-in-one Air-Tech cup to customize your stimulation like never before.