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Tenga - Soft Tube Cup Masturbator (Cool Edition)

Just like any other TENGA Cup series, this masturbator has a air hole on top that gives you full control of the vacuum sanction. What makes this piece of sex toy stand out from other TENGA cups is the unique use of softer plastic on the outer shell. It is designed for an easy grip and gives you complete control of the tightness you want to experience. Varying it with motions ranging from rubbing, stroking, pressing, etc. to give you a sensual sensation. The inner sleeve can be removed, rinsed and reassembled.
The cool edition features the same sensations with a slight change. It comes with menthol infused lubricant to provide a cool sensation when used. Perfect for use to beat the hot weather climate in Singapore and all parts of Asia.
Onacups are designed for one time use. Use it with a condom if you are planning to reuse.
All TENGAs have lubrication inside. The lubrication consists of: purified water, glycerin, sodium polyacrylate, phenoxy ethanol, and paraben (allergy tested in Japan).
Product Dimension: 2.56-3.27-6.10 inch
Product Weight: 121g