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Half Beautiful Girl

Half Beautiful Girl - Asuka Chan Real Size Doll (Beige)

[Half Bishoujo Asuka] Asuka is a college girl, ready to please. At the age of exploration, Asuka is very horny and always desiring sex. Are you the man for Asuka? Lose yourself in a world of sizzling pleasure in this adorable Asian cutie. Enjoy Asuka's gorgeous ass, tits, and realistic pussy. Asuka will pose in any position that you want. Dress her up to your fantasies, just the way you please. Unwrapping her in any clothing will turn you on just as much. Asuka comes with a wig, gloves, pussy warmer, and cleaning supplies all within a convenient, lockable storage sofa.

■ Articulated movable real doll
■ The head is screwed in, so you do not have to worry about accidental drops.
■ Hole & Anal & Mouse is integrated with the body.
■ Realistic nails.

※ Wipe a soft cloth with water and wipe gently. Rubbing or pulling strongly may cause damage.
* The costume in the image is for shooting. Costumes, underwear, props, and glasses are not included.
* Commercial clothes and wigs can be worn, but the color may be transferred depending on the material. Be careful.
* It may cause damage at high temperatures.
* The skeleton is built inside the body. Please handle with care.
* Nail and eyelashes will be damaged if handled roughly.
* Detailed specifications are subject to change without notice. please note that.
* Please check the basic specifications of the product before purchasing.

Exterior size: 440 x 1550 x 360 mm
Accessories: Wig, gloves, onaho warmer, simple bidet, storage sofa with luxurious key


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