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Tenga - Silky Masturbator Egg

The silky intertwined delicate ribs is going to caress you gently as you stretch, twist and squeeze it along your shaft. Doing it with the usual up and down strokes will feel fantastic. Add the movement with some twists and squeeze and you are going to beg for more! The numerous internal ribs feels like the finest of the silken cloths, creating a gentle, tender and melting sensation you can never resist.
It is a revolutionary breakthrough from the traditional masturbators. You will be amazed at what this little beauty can do for you. Give it a try and indulge yourself with an egg for a knee-trembling sensation.
TENGA Eggs can be stretched to more than 12 inches in length and 8 inches in girth.
Using it is simple. Unwrap, lube, cap, stretch and indulge!
TENGA Egg How-To
Product Dimension: 2.09-2.09-2.76 inch
Product Weight: 48g