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XR - Size Matters Nipple Pumping System with Dual Cylinders

This sensual aid is a nipple play enthusiasts dream! The Size Matters Dual Cylinder Nipple Pumping System lets you pump those puppies for pleasure and pain. With a detachable pumping system, you can leave the clear cylinders on during play time for extended wear with full views of the goodies inside. The quick release valve lets you release the pressure slowly or all at once to free those fun bags for a sensual escape. Stimulate your nipples in an exciting, new way with this 2-piece set.

Excite your nipples in a unique new way! Measurements: Cylinders measure 2.75 inches inner length, with an inner diameter of 0.6 inches. Connector tubes are each 9.5 inches in length. Material: PVC, acrylic